30.11.2021 - 15:31 Uhr

Power management company Eaton announced today that its Golf Pride Grips Division was the leading grip brand played by PGA Tour professionals at the 2015 Masters tournament.

79 of the 97 players competing in the year’s first major— a total of 81% — trusted their games to Golf Pride grips.  In fact, 26 of the top 30 finishers (32 players including ties) used Golf Pride grips at Augusta National Golf Club. 

Golf Pride’s popular Tour Velvet family of grips were used by 55 players during the year’s first major. Tour Velvet family models’ usage was three times greater than all other grip brands combined.

“We, at Golf Pride, make extraordinary investments in the research, development and production of our grips to ensure that they will perform to players expectations – especially on the back nine of Augusta on Sunday afternoon,” said Brandon Sowell, global sales and marketing director for Golf Pride. “To see so many of the world’s best players choose Golf Pride, solely based on the merits of the grips’ performance and not a paid endorsement, makes our usage numbers so much more rewarding.”

Golf Pride’s success in the game’s biggest events is a well-established tradition in golf. In fact, players using Golf Pride grips have won 85% of the last 20 of golf’s major championships, dating back to the 2010 U.S. Open. To view Golf Pride’s entire line of products played on Tour visit www.golfpride.com.

Eaton’s Golf Grip Division is the world’s largest manufacturer of golf grips, with manufacturing, sales and distribution facilities on six continents. The division’s Golf Pride brand is recognized globally as the number one choice in grips among tour and recreational players, competitive amateur golfers, club manufacturers and club repairmen. For more information, visit www.golfpride.com or visit us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/GolfPride


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